Perhaps the easiest pattern to achieve through weaving is a stripe. By simply alternating colors of thread in the warp or weft, boldly striped patterns can be created. The striped fabrics on view here reflect the prevalence of handwoven textiles in regional dress. While stripes are common in commercially available materials as well, these pieces show the variety of techniques and colors possible from handweaving.


Brocading is a sophisticated weaving technique in which the colored yarn runs only in the section of the pattern rather than running from one selvedge edge of the fabric to the other. This is a labor intensive means of creating patterned weaves and was largely replaced by mechanized looms such as the jacquard which can create elaborate patterns much faster. Regional dress can include brocaded textiles, but some include jacquard-woven fabrics which reflect the incursion of mechanized textile production into rural wardrobes.

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